All About the Deets

Spirit Party Box

$ 150

Our Spirit Party Box is a customized party box. This box included items listed below. The exact box can be purchased or re-customized to fit your specific party needs. 

Spirit Party Box: 
Spirit Cake Plates (40 ct) 
Large Blue Plates (40 ct) 
Spirit Napkins (40 ct) 
Spirit Cups (40) 
Pink Plastic Utensils (serves 40)
Pink Metal Utensil Pails (3 ct) 
Blue paper Straws (40 ct) 
Miniature Horse Cupcake Toppers (24 ct) 
Latex Balloon Bundle (12 ct) 
Jumbo Foil Horse Balloon (1 ct) 
Spirit "Happy Birthday" Banner (1 ct) 
Beaded Necklaces (20 ct) 
Pink Plastic Tablecloths (3 ct) 
Burlap Runner (3 ct)